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Simon S. Sidhom My group’s topic of estimation was the number of hours spent shopping in one year in the U.S. In my five minute estimate I decided not to include time spent shopping online or time shopping in small stores. From this I estimated that in my town there are about ten major shopping stores including cloths stores, electronics stores, and supermarkets. Then I multiplied that by about 100 major cities in NJ. I then multiplied that by 50 states. This gave me the approximate number of stores in the U.S. I multiplied that by 12 hours of open time a day and then by about 30 people in the store each hour. This gave me the hours of shopping in one day. Multiplying that number by 365 gave me about 6,570,000,000 hours of shopping yearly in the U.S. For my one hour estimation I decided to use the same technique except with more exact numbers. The first thing I did was choose a list of ten major stores to base my estimate off of. I wanted a variety of stores from food to clothing to electronics and home improvement. My end
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