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Richard Devine CCI Ms. Peters January 25, 2008 The College Composition I class has many goals already lined up for the common college student, though each individual student attends the class to reach their own goals. Some students attend in order to learn how to effectively edit and revise his/ her own writing. Others go to learn how to conduct basic research using library databases. There are even students who attend the class just to gain confidence in their ability to write at a college level. Those are the goals that I hope to accomplish during this semester’s College Composition I. The first goal I wish to accomplish is how to effectively edit and revise my own writing samples. The problem I have had ever since I was young was that I never revised any of my essays once I completed them. Year after year I would hand in essays after it was completed without a second glance. And year after year I would get back my essays, looking like they had swam across a sea of red ink just to get back to
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