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Richard Devine CCI Ms. Peters March, 15 2008 Self Reflection: The Stories of My Life Goal 1: You used a multi-staged process for your writing and took into consideration feedback you may have received from peers, instructors, tutors, and/or other readers. Prewriting greatly helped my choices in writing. I went to the writing lab to help me with a good way to revise my essay. My essay was utterly disgusting and needed major repairs so I decided to start from scratch. The tutor told me to write an outline but not to start with the intro but to create my intro based off of my other paragraphs and that is what I did. My professor told me that it needed serious work so I went to get help from the writing lab and they set me on the right track. This writing process has helped
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Unformatted text preview: me to understand the proper form of writing and how to properly form my thoughts onto paper. Goal 6: You understand the principles and practices of academic honesty? When I first got my essay back I was shocked to find out that I got a failing grade. I realized why as my eyes scrolled down the page, plagiarism. I wasnt aware that I plagiarized when I was writing out my essay but it became aware to me once I talked to my professor. I did not quote the website properly when I took the information. I did not know that I needed to quote a bio for a movie and that was my biggest downfall....
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