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Summary of Under Pressure - school it sometimes feels...

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Richard Devine Ms. Peters CCI 3/11/2008 Brad Cohen, a Cavalier Daily columnist for the University of Virginia, discuses a real problem plaguing higher education, a college diploma becoming a vital necessity to college students and those college-bound. Though there are many genius’ that have never gotten degrees, the pay difference between those who receive degrees and those without are greatly expanding. Cheating is nothing new, students have been cheating for centuries; it is just recently, with all the sudden advancements in technology, that it has become easier not only to cheat but to detect if a person has been cheating. Cheating is not an honorable thing to do but with such high standards put upon those in
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Unformatted text preview: school, it sometimes feels necessary to cheat in order to get by. Though cheaters deprive hard workers of their rewards, those who are cheating may not be receiving the same educational resources. This makes it unjust for those with less educational resources. Many students go to college just to receive the diploma, not for the lessons learned. It is learned that in order to get a good job, have good financial security and have a fulfilling life a smart person would go to college. The diploma seems to be the only thing people strive for now and the only way people feel that they can attain that is through cheating....
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