The Stories of My Life

The Stories of My Life - 1 Richard Devine College...

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1 Richard Devine College Composition 1 Ms. Peters February 15, 2008 The Stories of My Life What makes a movie memorable? Is it the plot? Is it the characters? How about the music? What makes a movie memorable is not the basic parts of the movie but the memories of watching those movies. It is spending quality time with the important people and watching movies that are able to be related to. I have seen many movies in my lifetime but there are only a few that have had a lasting impression on me. One movie that I will have a lasting memory of is Meet the Robinsons . Meet the Robinsons is a wholesome, feel-good movie about a boy named Lewis. When Lewis meets a mysterious boy from the future named Wilbur Robinson, the two of them travel forward in time where Lewis discovers the amazing secret of the Robinson family. This movie is about a twelve year old genius name Lewis who has made many inventions. The most recent invention he made was the memory scanner which he hopes will help dig up memories of his mother who put him up for adoption. But before he could use it, his invention is stolen and when has pretty much given up hope, a mysterious boy named Wilbur Robinson takes him away in a time machine to the future to meet his family. In this futuristic world they hunt down the thief, save the day, and find out about Lewis’ real family. When I mentioned the movie to my good friend Jenn, she went ecstatic with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to see the movie so I made a promise to her that we would watch it together
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The Stories of My Life - 1 Richard Devine College...

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