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Ch 13 geog - Ch 13 SE Asia SEA illustrates both the...

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Ch 13: SE Asia 1. SEA illustrates both the promises and perils of globalization 2. In the 1990s, much of SEA experienced a roller-coaster ride of economic boom and bust 3. By 2005, most SEA economies were again expanding, but at slower rates than those experienced a decade earlier 4. The region has long been heavily influenced by external forces o Chinese and esp. Indian influences date back many centuries 5. Today, with the end of the cold war, competing political ideologies have taken a back seat to other problems vexing SEA 6. Accompanying the economic turmoil of the past decade has been an increase in ethnic and social tensions, especially in Indonesia Environmental Geography 7. The mountainous area along the border btwn northern Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) is a rugged place 8. Slopes are steep and thickly wooded in most places; rainfall is often torrential The Deforestation of Southeast Asia 9. Globalization has had a profound effect on the SEA environment o Export-oriented logging companies have reached deep into the regions forests, cutting trees, damaging watersheds, and reducing biodiversity 10. While most forestry experts agree that J 1st globalized world forestry in the 1960s, other A countries, such as Taiwan , SK, Malaysia, and Indonesia, have followed with their own wood- products firms 11. Local Patterns of Deforestation o Malaysia has long been a leading exporter of tropical hardwoods o Thailand cut more than half of its forests btwn 1960 and 80 Damage to the landscape has been severe, with heavy silting or irrigation works and hydroelectric facilities, increasing flooding in lowland areas and sever erosion on hillslopes Fires, Smoke, and Air Pollution 12. Forest and grassland burning generates huge quantities of smoke, which in turn aggravates the often intolerable air pollution found with in the rapidly growing major cities of SEA 13. Several factors, both natural and economic, combined to produce the horrendous air pollution episode of the late 1990s o Large portions of insular SEA suffered a severe drought caused by El Nino, turning the normally wet tropical forests into tinderboxes o The economic boom, which resulted in a rapid increase in poorly regulated industrial development as well as a huge upsurge in vehicular traffic Patterns of Physical Geography 14. The souther portion of the refion-insular SEA- is one of the worlds 3 main zones of tropical rain forest 15. The northern part-mainalnd SEA- is located in the tropical wet and dry cone 16. Island SEA is less geologically stable than the mainland, and this it’s a region of more diverse landforms 17. 4 of earths tectonic plates ceonverge here: the pacific, the phillippine, the indo-australian, and the eurasion
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o Earthquakes occur frequently near plate boundaries o Large volcanoes are another consequent feature of the insular SEA landscape
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Ch 13 geog - Ch 13 SE Asia SEA illustrates both the...

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