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History world wars - History test 2 essay By 1900 the US...

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History test 2 essay 1. By 1900, the US had become a highly industrialized urban culture with a growing involvement in world politics and commerce 2. Noninvolvement in foreign affairs and nonintervention in the internal affairs of foreign governments formed the pillars of american foreign policy until the end of the century. 3. During the 1890s, expanding commercial interests around the world led americans to expand the horizons of their concerns 4. A growing number of american expansionists demanded that the US also adopt a global ambition and join in the hunt for new territories and markets. Such motives helped spark the spanish american war of 1898 5. The outbreak of the great war in europe in 1914 posed an even greater challenge to the tradition of isolation and nonintervention. 6. The new deal initiatives and agencies instituted by Roosevelt and his democratic administration created the framework for a welfare state that has since served as the basis for public policy 7. The new deal helped revive public confidence and put people back to work, but it did not end the great depression. 8. During the early 20th century, events combined to end the nations comfortable isolation. 9. Ever-expanding world trade entwined american national interests with the fate of europe. 10. The development of steam-powered ships and submarines meant that foreign navies could threaten american security. 11. Wilson saw himself as a man of destiny who would help create a new world order governed by morality and idealism rather than national interests. WWI: 12. The peace ended when an austrian citizen of Serbian descent who wanted an independent serbia assassinated the austrian archduke franz ferdinand 13. This murder led russia to mobilize its army in sympathy with its slavic friends in serbia. 14. That in turn triggered a European system of alliances:
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History world wars - History test 2 essay By 1900 the US...

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