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The Grant Years hist

The Grant Years hist - The Grant Years The Election of 1868...

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The Grant Years The Election of 1868 1. USG brought little political experience to the white house o Had a record as a union army commander o Both parties wooed him o His falling out with president johnson pushed him toward the Republicans and the Radicals trusted him 2. Rep. platform of 1868 endorsed congressional reconstruction 3. Planks: o Defended black suffrage as a necessity in the south o Urged payment of the national debt in gold 4. Democrats took opposite positions on reconstruction and the debt. o Federal debt: since most war bonds had been bought with depreciated greenbacks, they should be paid off in greenbacks. 5. Dem convention turned to Horatio Seymour, was governor of NY and chairman of the convention o HS neither sought nor embraced the nomination 6. Grant had proved himself a great leader in the war but as the youngest president ever he was blind to the political forces and influence peddlers around him. o Awestruck by men of wealth o Loyal to those who betrayed his trust o Passively followed the lead of congress 7. USG consulted nobody on his seven cabinet appointments 8. Some of his choices indulged personal whims, others displayed poor judgment The Government Debt 9. Financial issues dominated grants presidency.
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