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syllabus bt131 07f rjs - BT131 Technogenesis Introduction...

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        BT131 Technogenesis ®   Introduction to Innovation and Creativity Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management Fall 2006 Course Syllabus Dr. Robert J. Seymour Office Phone: (201) 216-8133 Room BC104 Office FAX: (201) 216-5385 Hours: Thursday 11 AM to Noon and by appointment Email: [email protected] Office: Babbio 417 Perspective This course will introduce students to innovation, creativity and structured thinking. Included will be techniques to stimulate creativity in groups and individuals. The course will be taught primarily through lectures, individual and team projects aimed at developing an intrinsic understanding of the environment, human’s interaction with it and innovations to improve that interaction. Students will report the results of their creative efforts through written and oral presentations. Included will be laboratory visits to introduce the student to innovation processes at Stevens Institute of Technology.
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