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Econ103_Lec3 (2012_12_16 01_29_32 UTC)

Obtain the predicted value of y0 for x02000 edit set

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Unformatted text preview: c2 var(b2 ) + 2c1 c2 cov (b1 , b2 ) 1 2 6 Hypothesis Tests (Example 2) 2 of 2 lincom _cons + 20*income t- sta8s8c for of β1+20β2 Es8mated value of β1+20β2 95% Interval es8mate of β1+20β2 Two- tail p- value for β1+20β2 Standard error of β1+20β2 7 Predic8on 1.  Obtain the predicted value of y0 for x0=$2000 edit! set obs 41 (there are only 40 observa8ons) replace income = 20 in 41 (create...
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