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T critical value 975 percentile 20243942 gen lb yhat

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Unformatted text preview: an extra point)! reg food_exp income! predict yhat ( y o ) b 2.  Obtain the predicted value of e0 predict ehat, residuals ( e 0 ) b 3.  Obtain the standard error of the forecast predict sef, stdf ( se(f) ) 8 9 Predic8on 4.  Create the predic8on interval: invaail(n,p) scalar tc = invttail(38, .025)! di "t-critical value 97.5 percentile =" tc! .t-critical value 97.5 percentile =2.0243942! gen lb = yhat – tc*sef! When done: gen ub = yhat + tc*sef! drop in 41 list income lb yhat ub in 41 (remove the observa8on) 10 Goodness- of- Fit Given...
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