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PhysicsLab_01 - the electroscope to verify this by putting...

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The Electroscope Carl Miller Physics 253B Section _ Object Apparatus 1) Insulated Box with metal foil Grounded 2) Insulated Box with metal foil Charged 3) 2 Plastic strips 4) Wool/cloth and Paper Procedure 1) Rub plastic strip with cotton or wool cloth in one direction. 2) Charge electroscope by conduction using the charged plastic strip 3) Rub second plastic strip one direction with paper. 4) Ground the other electroscope by touching it. 5) Hold charged strip near the post but not touching it 6) While the strip is near the post, touch the post with your hand to ground it then remove your hand 7) Remove the strip Theory Statement 1) When you comb your hair there is a negative charge left on the comb. You could use
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Unformatted text preview: the electroscope to verify this by putting the comb next to the charged electroscope, if it repels it is negative. 2) Charge is usually transferred by electrons because protons and neutrons are located on the interior and the electrons are located on the exterior of an atom. 3) An uncharged metal sphere is suspended from the ceiling by a piece of thread. The sphere is attracted towards a charged rubber rod. After touching the rubber rod the sphere is repelled, this is because the charged rod charges the metal sphere when they touch....
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