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Carl Miller Arch History 9/27/07 Paper Outline I. Introduction a. Brief function of building i. Bus Station b. Brief history i. When It was recognized that a new bus station was needed ii. Construction date of Bus station c. Brief importance to community i. Importance of transportation to Rockford ii. Importance of Rockford’s mass transit II. Body a. About the architect i. Leonard R. Miller 1. favorite architect = Seranin 1. Frank Lloyd Wright -unconventional ii. Firm - 1. characteristics of arch -
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Unformatted text preview: b. Design of building i. Style ii. Materials iii. Characteristics iv. Significant features c. History of Rockford Mass Transit i. Brief history and explanation of the need for bus station d. History of Bus Station i. When built ii. When commissioned e. Significance of Bus station i. Importance to Rockford community III. Conclusion a. Paraphrase body of the paper b. Reiterate importance of building to community...
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