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Carl Miller 417-31-3133 Psych 102-021 9/22/06 Norman M. Weinberger wrote an article titled “Music and the Brain.” In this article he discussed how music affects the brain and how the brain reacts to music. Norman’s main points in this article include that music causes reactions in the brain, the reactions music causes in the brain have no specific “center,” but instead engage many different areas of the brain. Norman provided studies that show from data collected by researchers that showed by imaging the brain when listening to music which parts of the brain react to it. Norman believes that music has a “biological basis” and music causes reactions all over the brain. Norman supports his main points through research he and others have conducted. The research he used to support his main points is the effects of tones and melodies on laboratory animals, the findings from these experiments showed that cell responses in the brain, which were measured by the number of discharges, changed depending on melody of tones, and harmony (frequency) of tones. Norman M. Weinberger basically explains that music has a very powerful effect on the brain of its listeners, but also music affects the brains of musicians even more powerfully. Musicians show more coordination in their hands than non-musicians, this shows better connection
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psychmusicandthebrain - Carl Miller 417-31-3133 Psych...

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