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Carl Miller Eng 101 9/6/06 Lit. Narrative Learning to be Literate. For some people learning to read is a great challenge. They experience some huge revelation in their life and realize they must devote their entire being to learning how to read. For example, Frederick Douglas had to learn to read in a society that was very opposed to slaves learning to read. As we read “The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas” we learned how he overcame these obstacles by learning bits here and there and eventually piecing it all together and overcame all odds and learned to read. Unfortunately, not every person has a great story to tell. Most people learn to read because they have to. Reading has no deep meaning to them. They simply follow the crowd and learn to read along with everyone else, simply because there is no negotiating the importance of reading in our modern society. When I was a child my parents read me stories from children’s books and from early on I tried to understand what was going on, I learned how to read some at home before any formal schooling. Then when I went to Kindergarten I was ahead of the pack. In middle school, reading and vocabulary were things that came easily to me. I was a good reader and was often called on in class to read aloud because I had a good, loud and confident voice and could read fast enough to keep up with what I was saying. Because I was good at reading early on I concentrated on it and continued to work at it, so reading has always been a strong point for me. As school progressed I met a teacher named Mrs. Heck.
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CMillerU1p - Carl Miller Eng 101 9/6/06 Lit. Narrative...

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