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Memo on Levi’s Ad To: Frances Kiley From: Carl Miller Date: October 23, 2006 Subject: Levi’s Jeans Advertisement Analysis Introduction Ms. Kiley, here is an analysis of Levi’s Jeans latest advertisement, as seen in Stuff magazine. The goal that Levi’s jeans are trying to accomplish through this advertisement is to make their products known to a young audience for their jeans comfort and general good fashion. Levi’s is trying to attract an audience of men and women (in this ad particularly men) in their mid twenties. By using a very minimal amount of both images and words, Levi’s creates a very artistic looking ad that attracts people who would be concerned with a modern artistic style. This ad relies mainly on images to convey their message; the words are very much secondary to the images used. By analyzing this advertisement our company can generate advertisements to attract to the same target audience that this ad appeals to. Description of Advertisement This ad by Levi’s Jeans is very much a picture based advertisement. It consists of an attractive young white male, possibly in his mid-twenties, standing against a white background which, to the left of the young man, has a print of the texture that would be part of Levi’s brand jeans. The picture is printed in entirely black and white, with the exception of the red Levi’s brand logo printed to the lower left portion of the page along with the words “The Original.” The logo is thrown between two thin black lines that go behind the model across the page. Within these lines on the opposite side of the page is the style of jeans shown on the model along with the models name endorsing that specific style of jeans “Dan Sayer wears Levi’s red slim straight jeans.” Lastly, at the bottom of the page the ad tells potential buyers that this product is available “exclusively at Macy’s” stores. The young man is standing slightly off center in a very relaxed pose with his right hand in his pocket and the other hand loosely holding onto his belt buckle. He is wearing all black and has black hair that looks slightly untidy.
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CMillerU3p - Memo on Levi's Ad To: From: Date: Subject:...

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