CMillerU5p - Carl Miller English 101 11/29/06 Summary...

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Carl Miller English 101 11/29/06 Summary English Unit Five Summary From the transition from high school to college many aspects of life and studies have changed. In college you live in a way on your own, you don’t have parents watching your every decision, so you make a lot more decisions everyday that would otherwise have been limited. Studies change too, courses are set up differently, and different grading scales, and most importantly the difficulty of classes changes drastically. English for me has always been a subject that I am weak in. Thought high school my English grades always suffered and I had a lot of difficulty writing papers. When my first semester of college started I knew already that English for me would be an extremely difficult class. I am not a morning person, and this class which is early in the morning often did not get my full consciousness which it needed. Also this class is set on a Tuesday and Thursday morning, the same day as my extremely time consuming architecture class, so Monday and Wednesday nights are always spent, staying up late working on projects, when I get to English in the morning this class rarely got the attention it deserved. Fortunately even thought these problems I continued to get the assignments completed and papers typed. Because of the quantity of assignments and the differences between the papers
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CMillerU5p - Carl Miller English 101 11/29/06 Summary...

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