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8-Data Display and Cartography

Colorschemesseearcview useofcolor useofcolor

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Unformatted text preview: Hue is visual variable better suited for qualitative (nominal) data Value and chroma are better suited for quantitative data (ordinal, interval, ratio) No more than 12­15 distinct hues after which use patterns Color schemes (see ArcView) Use of Color Use of Color Color schemes – single hue scheme (single hue, varied value and chroma) ArcView “red monochromatic” – double­ended or diverging (graduated colors between two dominant) ArcView “blues to reds dichromatic” – part spectral scheme (adjacent colors) ArcView “yellow to orange to red” – full spectral scheme (full spectrum) ArcView schemes for elevation, temperature and percipitation Type of Map Type of Map Classified by function and symbolization – General reference and thematic General reference (ie USGS quad) – Shows variety of spatial features including boundaries, hydrology, transportation, contour lines, settlements, land covers. Thematic map – Main objective is to show distribution pattern of a theme. Type of Map Type of Map Quantitative or Qualitative Quantitative – dot map uses uniform point symbols to show spatial data, each symbol representing a unit value –...
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