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Unformatted text preview: Carl Miller Eng 101 9/19/06 Assignment Sept 19, 2006 Conversation Readings: In the first article, “A Liberal Case for Vouchers,” discussed the negative impact of vouchers on public schools. It brought up the point that only children who care about their academics and have parents who also care about their children’s academics are the ones who receive the vouchers. Because only the smartest children will receive this government aid, it takes away positive impacting students from public schools, which causes the public schools status to diminish. “Do School Vouchers Improve School Performance?” According to the second article school vouchers in fact do improve actual student’s school performance. “Private schools are demonstratively more effective at educating low-income African American students “says Paul Peterson, a Harvard professor. By offering vouchers to families with low incomes by lottery, voucher evaluators have made a concerted effort to eliminate “selection bias.” (p.41 conversations) Carl Miller...
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conversationsanddouglassnarrarative - Carl Miller Eng 101...

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