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Carl Miller Eng 101A 11/5/06 Is School Choice Really A Choice? In the article “ When School Choice Isn’t ” author Alexander Russo discusses school choice of public schools. School choice is meant to be a way for parents of children in failing school districts to transfer their students to competent school districts. As Russo said in this article “School choice, as written into federal law was intended to provide and escape for kids stuck in lousy situations (Russo, p.95).” Russo uses the example of the city of Zion to help describe the situation of how recently there has been a situation concerning the difficulty of this task. In Zion many of the public schools are failing. To transfer to a good school, a child would need to transfer out of the school district. Because of cost for bus routes ect. transferring a student out of the district is not favorable for the schools that would be accepting these students, to actually go ahead and accept them into their schooling system. Russo discusses why parents would transfer their children to different schools, the difficulties of this, and he offers some possibilities to overcome this situation. School choice is very important for the education of children and their future success.
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Engsummaryresponce - Carl Miller Eng 101A Is School Choice...

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