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Carl Miller Soc 108 Feb 12, 2008 The Wild Child Movie Questions 1.) Did Genies lack of socialization inhibit her development, how? -Genies lack of socialization inhibited her development because she didn’t learn basic skills taught through experiencing society and other basic social skills that are mandatory to function in society. Genie experienced problems with walking and talking. Without society and people as examples simple actions like walking and talking are not inborn responses. 2.) Did these problems stem from other problems? These problems stemmed from other problems. For example, she was beaten every time
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Unformatted text preview: she tried to make noise, this could contribute to her difficulty talking. So it is hard to prove that not being exposed to society is the entire reason for her difficulty talking. Also she had a difficult time walking. This may be because she was tied to a “potty chair” not because she wasn’t exposed to society. These other problems show flaws in using genie’s issues as standard. She also was diagnosed with brain damage, this brings a “chicken or the egg” argument about, was she beaten for being brain damaged or obtained brain damaged because she was beaten?...
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