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Carl Miller SPCM 101 Section 14 8/25/06 Democracy and Education Education is key to a thriving democratic culture; education keeps people informed about the world, and helps people make informed decisions in their daily life. In other forms of government it can negatively affect the culture when people know “too much,” in other governments people who know too much often rebel against the government. But in a democratic government, the people run the government. The more the people are informed the better the government will run. In a democracy people need to be educated and informed in order to elect leaders who will run their country. Democracy requires educated citizens in order to better the democratic program.
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Unformatted text preview: By investing the government’s resources into education the government can constantly progress to working more efficiently and becoming a better government. By bettering the government citizens can enjoy a better way of life and can continue to educate themselves further thus continuing to better their government. In this way education and democracy continue to better themselves in a cycle. Education makes a democratic government function, it causes citizens to choose better leaders and officials to run their country and better the citizen’s circumstance. Democracy for this reason supports education. Education and democracy coexist symbiotically....
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