Exam 2 study Guide - Exam 2 study Guide Gened. 110 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 2 study Guide Gened. 110 Section 20 Zoroastrianism-500 BCE Founded by prophet Zoroaster, a mysterious figure about whom almost nothing is known; came from relatively wealthy family Has many of the elements of Christianity Monotheistic; Ahura Mazda-creator of all things that are good Good vs. Evil (Ahura Mazda v. Angra Mainyu) Influence on other religions; i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islamism All human beings take part in constant struggle with good and evil La Venta-900-400 BCE Late stage of Olmec Civilization Ceremonial centers for the surrounding villages, not true city Large complexes that suggest help from neighboring peoples Site of large carved heads Achaemenid Persia-550-331 BCE Named after a revered ancestor of Cyrus Divide into couple of dozen provinces called satrapies Each one headed by appointed satrap or governor which was often a member of the imperial family or a prestigious local nobleman Etruscans-1 st millennium BCE Came from somewhere in Asia Minor Built loose league of fortified cities Made lovely pottery Furnished their tombs with bronze goods Learned to read and write from greek colonies Diocletian-284-305 CE Strong willed Balkan peasant from Illyria Rose up in the army Attempted to suppress anarchy with the installation of Tetrarchy Imperial power shared among four rulers Strengthened the beauracracy Reformed taxation in the direction of greater equality and attempted to fix prices Chandra Gupta II-375-415 CE Completed conquest of northwest so Gupta power stretched from Indus Valley to Bay of Bengal with marriage alliances Grandson of founder of Gupta Allowed for Guptas control of valuable west-coast seaports and trade with the West Most famous for cultural life of his reign and his patronage of the arts Literature and art flourished while he ruled Rule is often labeled as Golden Age Trinity of Hinduism Three gods that constitute trinity o Brahama-creator, Vishnu-preserver, Siva/Mahesa-destroyer o Rulers of three dif worlds but one god...
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Exam 2 study Guide - Exam 2 study Guide Gened. 110 Section...

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