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Over fishing - wants to fish he has to buy a license from an older fisherman planning on retiring By doing this they have lowered the number of

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This article talks about lobsters in the New England area going through the same type of over fishing that the cod, and tuna went through not too long ago in the same region. The over fishing takes place because of stiff competition to bring home money for families, and the fisherman are encouraged by political figures who want to stay on their good sides by giving them subsidies. However, the subsidies have only encouraged the fisherman to take more since they can now afford more traps and bigger boats. John Sorlein is a fisherman out of Port Judith. Every year at the port the number and size of the lobster decreases dramatically. One year, a local fisherman from the Port Judith area by the name of Richard Allen took a trip to Australia – Port Lincoln specifically. He came back to Port Judith telling how the fisherman of Port Lincoln have managed to have incredibly successful fishing seasons without shrinking the population of their lobsters. They go on the same system as the New York City taxi cab system, if a new fisherman
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Unformatted text preview: wants to fish, he has to buy a license from an older fisherman planning on retiring. By doing this, they have lowered the number of competition, thus enabling a reasonable quota to be put in place. With a quota there is no over fishing and thus every season there are plenty of large lobster to be caught. Also the fisherman in Australia are good enough about regulating themselves that the government rarely needs to step in, and scientists aren’t pleading with them to limit themselves. The dollar values of fish and lobster in Australia are also higher encouraging the fishermen not to be so greedy and take less. When Allen returned to America with his stories the fisherman from Port Judith rejected his ideas because all they’ve known is a “catch as much as you can before the other guy does” mentality when they fish. However, several political figures and fisherman are warming up to the idea....
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