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History 110 Study Guide Iroquois Confederacy- Who-  Mohawk, Onondaga, Seneca, Oneida, and the Cayuga What-sophisticated social and political system, decision making process to allow for peace among these indians When-middle 1400’s to 1600’s, 17 th th century Where-upstate New York Why historically significant-strongest forces in Northeastern America, helped both sides in war “Enterprise of the Indies.”- Who-Columbus What-his plan to reach the Indies by going west When-1492 Where-Atlantic ocean, Bahamas Why historically significant- lead to eventual locating of Americas Virgin Soil Epidemics- Who-British What- bringing foreign diseases into “virgin” soil that has yet to get diseases When- Where-new world Why historically significant-submitted Indians to new diseases that would drastically lower their populations “Frontiers of Inclusion” Who-Indians mainly; French, Spainish What-Indians accepted to participate in society When-16 th century Where-new world Why historically significant- it showed the variation of acceptance levels by different cultures “Frontiers of Exclusion” Who-Indians, English What- Indians rejected from society When-16 th century Where-New world Why historically significant- showed acceptance of people in new world Mayflower compact Who-first puritans to immigrate to America/pilgrims What-men agreed to obey “just and equal laws” enacted by representatives of their own choosing
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History 110 Study Guide - History 110 Study Guide Iroquois...

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