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Cortney Cline 12/6/2005 ESS 101 Lab Week 10 The Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge has been a hot debate topic since its discovery. Imported oil is becoming too expensive and domestic production is declining. With an unstable Venezuelan market and a war in Iraq, the United States should strongly consider expanding internal oil production to avoid possible negative effects from external economies. The US would do well to capitalize on the opportunity to extract oil from ANWR’s 1002 area for several reasons. Financially, it is a fantastic investment because it will add $50 billion to our gross national product. If we do this right, we could save almost $250 billion in payments to other oil- exporting countries and collect about $125 billion for local and national governments. The leasing fees from energy companies alone would pull in about $4.2 billion for the federal government. This money could be put toward programs like Medicaid, student loans, and farm subsidies that are already in jeopardy. The development of the northern coast will create up to
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