CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study Guide

CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study Guide - CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study...

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CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study Guide 1. Actus reus - an illegal act, or failure to act when legally required 2. adversary process - 3. Angola Prison Farm - 4. arraignment -initial trial court appearance at which accused is read the charges, advised of his or her rights, and asked to enter a plea 5. Auburn system -prison system, developed in New York during the 19 th century, based on congregate (group) work during the day and separation at night. 6. bail -property or money given as a surety that a person released from custody will return at an appointed time 7. boot camp -a short-term militaristic correctional facility in which inmates, usually young first-time offenders, undergo intensive physical conditioning and discipline 8. Broken windows theory 9. brutalization effect -the belief that capital punishment creates an atmosphere of brutality, reinforces the view that violence is an appropriate response to provocation, and thus encourages rather than deters the criminal use of violence 10. charge bargaining - This is a common and widely known form of plea. It involves a negotiation of the specific charges (counts) or crimes that the defendant will face at trial. Usually, in return for a plea of "guilty" to a lesser charge, a prosecutor will dismiss the higher or other charge(s) or counts. For example, in return for dismissing charges for first- degree murder, a prosecutor may accept a "guilty" plea for manslaughter (subject to court approval). 11. charge construction - 12. clearance rate - 13. common law -the law administered through the system of courts established for the purpose , as distinct from equity or admirality 14. community oriented policing - 15. complaint -a sworn written statement addressed to a court or judge by the police, prosecutor, or individual alleging that an individual has committed an offense and requesting indictment and prosecution 16. concurrent sentence -incarceration for more than one offense such that all sentences begin on the same day and are completed after the longest term has been served 17. conjugal visit -a prison program that allows inmates to receive visits from spouses for the purpose of maintaining normal interpersonal relationships 18. consent search - a search without warrant that is allowed by searchee 19. co-production -the partnership between the police and the community to fight crime as in COP 20. courtroom work group -all parties in the adversary process working together in a cooperative effort to settle cases with the least amount of effort and conflict 21. crime control perspective -a model of criminal justice that emphasizes the control of dangerous offenders and the protection of society through harsh punishment as a deterrent to crime 22. criminal defenses - 23.criminal forfeiture 24.criminal responsibility
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25. cruel and unusual punishment (in prisons) 26. curtilage -ground or yard immediately surrounding a house 27. day fine -a fine geared to an offender’s net daily income, as well as number of dependants and the seriousness of the crime, in an effort to make sentences more equitable
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CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study Guide - CrmJ 101 Final Exam Study...

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