2nd Hourly Nutrition

2nd Hourly Nutrition - Cook College 11:709:201 Intro Foods...

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Cook College Name ___________________________ 11:709:201 Intro Foods and Nutrition Hourly Exam 2 General Directions: Read each question or statement carefully, choosing the answer which best applies. Mark the answer of the Scantron answer sheet provided using No. 2 pencil. Be sure that all erasures are complete. Make no marks on this test paper. 1. A method of heat transfer which uses a high frequency coil which generates a magnetic current to produce friction in ferrous metal cooking utensils on the range top is known as a. Conduction c. Radiation b. Convection d. Induction 2. Most of the leavening in flour mixtures is produced by a. Air incorporated when mixing in the flour b. CO 2 produced by biological or chemical sources c. Steam rising from the flour mixture as it is heated d. Steam produced from biological or chemical sources e. Methane produced from dried peas and beans 3. The best choice of flour to use if you were making bread and were interested in achieving the largest volume loaf would be a. All purpose flour c. Whole-wheat flour b. Bread flour d. Self-rising flour 4. Enriched rice is prepared by using which of the following procedures? a. Boiling in a large quantity of water until done and draining excess water away b. Carefully measuring 2 cups of water, bringing it to boiling and cooking 1 cup of rice until all water is absorbed c. Rinsing the rice of the starch on the surface and steaming it in a large quantity of water and draining when the rice is done d. Bringing a half pot of water to boil, adding 1 cup of rice, cook until fork-tender, drain and then rinse the premix 5. Which of the following is the simplest to prepare? a. Brown rice c. Polished medium grain rice b. Converted rice d. Enriched rice 6. Using liquid when preparing a flour mixture is necessary because the liquid serves to a. Develop the gluten c. Provide some steam for leavening b. Gelatinize some starch during the baking process d. A and c are correct e. A, b, and c are correct 7. The method of heat transfer which distributes heat evenly throughout the recipe being prepared through the movement of air, gases, or liquids is a. Conduction c. Radiation b. Convection d. Induction e. Barbequing
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8. The protein which is connective tissue in animals which dissolves in moisture when heat is applied is a. Gluten d. Albumen b. Collagen e. Elastin c. Actin 9. There are two types of baking powder, single acting and double acting. Both types react when moistened, double acting reacts a second time a. 30 minutes later c. When it is heated b. On the lab bench d. When eggs are added to the recipe Match the following: (answers used once) a. Cake flour b. Instantized flour c. Semolina flour d. Whole wheat flour e. Self-rising flour 10. Used to make pasta C 11. Flour which has been dextrinized B 12. Contains a leavening agent E 13. Contains germ and bran D 14. Used when the product requires the most tenderness A 15. The method of heat transfer by which heat flows from molecule to adjacent molecule is known as
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2nd Hourly Nutrition - Cook College 11:709:201 Intro Foods...

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