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Planet Earth Clicker Questions - Planet Earth Clicker...

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Unformatted text preview: Planet Earth Clicker Questions/Answers Topography of valleys and ridges are controlled by: Original folding/faulting of rock units, and different weathering rates of sandstone+shale Karst topography is characteristic of which rock type? Carbonates Most of NJ’s economic ore deposits are found in which province? Highlands Milankovitch cycles are defined as: variations in Earth’s orbit relative to the sun Deposition of sediments on coastal plains are dominated by: sea level change NJ is high seismic risk area? False. List events in correct chronology (oldest to youngest): Grenville Orogeny, Alleghanian Orogeny, Triassic rifting What geological province of NJ consists of largely unconsolidated (loose) sediments? Coastal Plain Piedmont and Newark Basin were formed during: Mesozoic rifting of Pangaea NJ is currently situated on a: passive margin Orbital variations of Earth’s rotation around the sun (precession, eccentricity, and obliquity) are called: Milankovitch cycles Insolation is: the amount of incoming solar radiation Mountain ranges can strongly influence regional climate: True Is the natural global climate a static or dynamic system? Dynamic and constantly changing Which NJ geological feature demonstrates evidence of a Milankovitch climate control? Newark Basin CO2 levels in our modern atmosphere are higher than at any other times in history: False Layer of our atmosphere that overlies ground surface is called: Troposphere...
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Planet Earth Clicker Questions - Planet Earth Clicker...

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