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Quiz 1 Cells M. S. Ailstock Name _Christine Kositz__ BIO 103 __B___ 1. Autotroph __E___ 2. Heterotroph __D___ 3. Prokaryotic __L___ 4. Eukaryotic __A___ 5. Organelle __M___ 6. Nucleus __P___ 7. Ribosome __O___ 8. Chloroplast __F___ 9. Mitochondria __H___ 10. Vacuole __I___ 11. Cell wall __C___ 12. Parenchyma __K___ 13. Collenchyma __ Q ___ 14. Schlerenchyma __G___ 15. Vascular Tissue __J___ 16. Xylem __R___ 17. Phloem __N___ 18. Meristematic Tissue __S___ 19. Monera __T___ 20. Photosynthesis A. A sub-cellular structure associated with a particular metabolic function. B. Makes their own food, the “self feeders” C. Plant cells that have thin walls and dense cytoplasm D. Cell type unique to Monerans. These cells lack a nucleus. E. Requires complex organic compounds as a food source F. Organelle where food energy is converted to usable cellular energy via aerobic respiration G. The “circulatory” tissue of plants, it includes xylem and phloem. H. Internal storage structure found in plant cells.
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