Competitive Advantage and target market

Competitive Advantage and target market - Target Market...

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Competitive Advantage Group 4 SkAle has made its own foot hold in the skin care market. This product has no direct competitors but instead “wannabes” who have a watered down version of our product. When looking at the entire list of features that our product SkAle offers, it puts our product in a totally different category compared to our competitors’. SkAle is like no other product on the market; it offers attributes that can only be dreamt about. Competitors offer products similar but nothing quite up to par with SkAle ; also no other competitors’ products come with DeSkAle , our product remover and skin rejuvenator. Along with having the edge on the competition with its amazing capabilities, we are also backed by a Dermatologist recommended corporation Neutrogena. SkAle is a new age product with the ability to fight its way to the top of everyone’s shopping list.
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Unformatted text preview: Target Market Group 4 For our Target market we made it appealing to many different age groups. Along with both genders, ethnicity doesnt have an effect on this product. This item is quite affordable for its value yet the lifestyle lead by all of these users may vary due to the different lines we offer of our product. The usage rate is depending on the lifestyle lead by the user. Our line A is made to tough up the skin for an older age group to keep their skin from strong and firm. Our line B is made with a stronger formula to protect the skin while keeping it flexible for our sports enthusiasts and armed forces. -Sports enthusiasts-Armed Forces-Both Genders-Age range from 15-80-Generation Y-Generation X-Baby Boomers-Older Consumers-Lower class to upper class-All across the world-People seeking a way to strength up their skin...
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Competitive Advantage and target market - Target Market...

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