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ATtiny26-1 - ECE 111 Name Rec/Lab Section Homework...

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ECE 111 Homework Assignment #4 Name Cameron Morris Rec/Lab Section One of your resources for information for this assignment will be the ATtiny26 User Manual. You will find it at the ATMEL website, www.atmel.com . Follow the following tab/buttons: Products>Microcontrollers…>AVR 8-bit RISC>Devices. Near the bottom of the webpage is a link to the ATtiny26; follow it. This is an important page; feel free to explore it. Under datasheets you will find the pdf file ATtiny26. Problem #1. Understanding the layout of memory in a microcontroller is essential to understanding how the microcontroller works. Fill in the cells of the table with the appropriate information. (If you don’t know what the various terms mean, search them out on Wikipedia.org. It will help if you search using them with the words “processor” and “memory”) Register FLASH EEPROM SRAM How many storage locations? 32 2K Bytes 128 128 How fast can it be written to? (fast, medium, or slow) Fast Med (6/10) Slow (3/10) Fast How fast can it be read?
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  • Central processing unit, Analog-to-digital converter, EEPROM, ATtiny26 User Manual, Indefinite read/write cycles

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