Multicultural Literature Analysis Paper

Multicultural Literature Analysis Paper - Multicultural...

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Multicultural Multicultural means exactly what it says in its name, multi- meaning multiple and -cultural meaning everything that defines a society of people from their daily actions and lives to their historical stories of ancestry and long preserved traditions. Each community is made of up of different types of people, the word multicultural aims to combine each in every individual in to the things that make us all alike. During each individual’s life time we will all share similar moments of happiness or sadness, anger or joy, whatever the emotion is, each individual on the planet can relate to that same emotion. Understanding the building blocks of multicultural literature Multicultural literature, the stories of people in different communities, each story shows an in depth look in to the life of an individual and their experiences in life. Literature that connects and individual to their culture and community in a special and meaningful way maybe considered multicultural. To be considered multicultural literature, a story will usually express an individual connection with their heritage, either through references to family and tradition or through religious beliefs and or practices. Multicultural literature embraces different languages and the ideologies that found a society moral and ethical stand points. One thing remains constant between all of the writers that come from different cultural backgrounds is their passion for their religious beliefs and traditions, from Salman Rushdie talking of how Common Wealth literature keeps people from being able to appreciate writers for who they are and for their subject material because they are always compared to other piece of literature, to Faye Moskowitz writing about the hardship of being Jewish at Christmas each of these writers display passion for their subject through the words that they use.
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The forces that join us all There are many similarities that the human race shares far beyond the sharing similar Deoxyribonucleic acid structures; each human being shares similar life experiences such as love and heartache, and sadness for those close to us who have passed. Each person on the planet wants to be close to their mother and father and wants their family members and ancestors to be proud of the person that they work to become. We as a people must work to provide life comforts
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Multicultural Literature Analysis Paper - Multicultural...

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