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Kristin Gumbert Frye October 12, 2007 Program #3 – Functions (Change) Planning: The program is going to make change for a purchase and ask the user to enter the amount of purchase and the amount tendered. Analysis: Inputs- amount of purchase, amount tendered Outputs- num of tens, num of fives, num of dollars, num of quarters, num of dimes, num of nickels, num of pennies
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Unformatted text preview: Formula- Constraints- amounts must be greater than zero Assumptions- all numbers are positive Design: 1. Get Input a. Amount of purchase b. Amount tendered 2. Calculations a. Find the amount of change. 3. Print Output a. num of tens b. num of fives c. num of dollars d. num of quarters e. num of dimes f. num of nickels g. num of pennies...
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