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program2 if - minutesDay = minutesDay * .1 amountDue = 25 +...

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Kristin Gumbert CSC 135 Frye MWF 10-10:50 Program #2- if and switch statements (cell phone bill) Planning: Calculate and print the bill for a cellular telephone company. The rates depend on the type of service. Analysis: Inputs- account number, service code, number of minutes used, if premium: day minutes, night minutes. Outputs- account number, type of service, number of minutes the telephone service was used, about due from the user. Formula- Regular service: if minutesAmt < 50 amountDue = 10 else minutesAmt = minutesAmt – 50 minutesAmt = minutesAmt * .2 amountDue = 10 + minutesAmt Premium Service: if minutesDay < 75 amountDue = 0 else minutesDay = minutesDay – 75
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Unformatted text preview: minutesDay = minutesDay * .1 amountDue = 25 + minutesDay if minutesNight&lt; 100 amountDue = 0 else minutesNight = minutesNight 100 minutesNight = minutesNight * .05 amountDue = 25 + minutesNight Constraints- minutes must be greater than 0, code must start with p or r Assumptions- all numbers are positive Design: 1. Get Input a. account number b. service code c. number of minutes used d. if premium: day minutes, night minutes 2. Calculations a. Amount due 3. Print Output a. Account number b. Type of service c. Number of minutes the telephone service was used d. Number of minutes the service was used during the night...
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