36 - 5 Representative Art Music Pieces from After 1945

Shard 1997 one of carters shortest and most playful

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Unformatted text preview: eory at the nearby Longy School of Music. Shard (1997) One of Carter’s shortest and most playful works Written for a virtuoso guitarist Personal style is complex, dense, and highly dissonant. ◦ ◦ “There are no recurring themes in my music. It continues to evolve and evolve, yet never returns” “Tempo modulation”: includes many precisely regulated tempo changes giving his music a feeling of fluidity Musical Ideas in Shard Steady, rapid flow of single notes with jazzlike offbeat accents. This stream of rapid notes first appears fleetingly (0:08), lasting only a few seconds. Later (1:37), this jazzy idea returns in highly varied form, now lasting almost 1 minute and punctuated by loud thick chords. Succession of dyads. The first dyad succession (0:25) begins softly and...
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