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Study Guide - Lecture #1

Study Guide - Lecture #1 - ballad A partial list of terms...

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S TUDY G UIDE FOR L ECTURE #1 W EEK 2 Based on Prof. Collier’s first lecture on Wed., August 29th you should be able to… Discuss the comparison between prose and walking, and poetry and dancing. Identify the five categories of poetry originated in pre-literature cultures. Explain the significance of the saying: “A bad poem is one that disappears into meaning.” Be sure you’re familiar with the definitions of these terms: onomatopoeia metaphor stanzaic oxymoron strophe simile stichic image line epic meter narrative rhyme lyric foot
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Unformatted text preview: ballad * A partial list of terms for the course is given at the end of your syllabus. The best test for whether or not you really ‘get’ a term is to apply the term. My advice for your glossaries is to have both the definition AND an example of it written down. The exams for this class definitely favor poetic terms and your ability to apply them to what you read – so start early in keeping a running list of terms you encounter in your reading, discussion section, and in lecture....
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