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S TUDY G UIDE FOR L ECTURE #4 W EEK 3 Based on Prof. Collier’s lecture on Wednesday, September 12th you should be able to… Identify the differences between Metaphysical and Classical poets of the 17th century. Explain what we mean by saying that Robert Herrick worked in the tradition of Horace. Match the female-love-object with its poet [Dante, Herrick, Petrarch] [Beatrice, Laura, Lucia] Identify the dominant metrical pattern (and where any variations occur) in “The Vine.” Explain how the poem uses a framing mechanism . Describe they way the dream functions for Herrick (i.e. what does it allow?) Point to imagery that supports the idea that “love as possessive.” Explain what functions allusions serve in this poem in particular, and in poetry in general.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify the three different Oxford English Dictionary definitions of fancy and how they are important in the poem. Explain the difference between Anglo-Saxon and Latinate root words, in terms of syllables and associative meanings; and identify how English poetry changed after the 1066 Norman conquest. Describe the structural (formal) features of an English and an Italian sonnet. Identify the major subjects, themes, and rhetorical moves in Sonnet #65. Poem Focused On : The Vine by Robert Herrick Sonnet #65 by William Shakespeare Vocabulary: Be sure youre familiar with the definitions of these terms: allusion convention euphemism iambic tetrameter paradox framing mechanism...
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