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For the sample data ss 1536 on that particular math

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Unformatted text preview: research examining the effects of preschool childcare has found that children who spend time in day care, especially high ­quality day care, perform better on math and language tests than children who stay home with their mothers or fathers. A researcher interested in this question took a random sample of n=25 children who attended day care before starting school and found that they had an average score of 87 on a standardized math test. For the sample data, SS = 1536. On that particular math test the population mean for individuals not having day care is μ = 81, and the scores are normally distributed. Compute and report the value of the appropriate test statistic used to determine if children with a history of preschool daycare are different from the general population on math scores s2 = sX = SS 1536 , s2 = , s 2 = 64 n !1 24 s2 , sX = n 64 , 25 s X = 2.56 , s X = 1.6 tX = X!µ 87 ! 81 6 , tX = , tX = , t = 3.75 sX 1.6 1.6 X 12)For alpha = 0.05, the critical values for t...
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