journal2 - making sure the day was fluid Egyptians...

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Journal 2 Egyptian Book of the Dead I think that a human being is someone who has a belief, in a higher being. That belief can be in them self, a higher being, or a value based on information learned from others. The Egyptians believed in the Gods, especially in a sun god. They believed that he controlled all life and energy on earth. They planned their life around the Gods, praying to them in central temples throughout major cities. The Egyptians believed that they needed to perform worship in order for the Gods to be happy, they believed that if a non-sufficient amount of worship was done by the citizens, the gods would un-favor them, leading to a string of bad luck. Humans worship higher beings such as god(s); it is a natural way of life as a human being. They understood that as their role as a human being they were to worship. A good human existence is someone that lives up to that belief and lives by what they believe are right. The Egyptians believed in a god named Ra; he crossed the sky everyday
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Unformatted text preview: making sure the day was fluid. Egyptians worshiped him, in order to ensure their days went well. The Egyptians knew he had a task he needed to do; Egyptians believe that a good human experience is one that, a human has a daily task and works to perform this task as best they can with their own ability. They also believed in the god, Osiris, king of the underworld. They worshiped him to ensure a great afterlife, this was very important to the Egyptians as they built temples for their afterlife; they thought that praying to this good would ensure a great after life. Furthermore they worked throughout life to make sure that they did have this great afterlife that they had envisioned. I feel that the Egyptian way of life symbolized a good human existence. Believing in something and never forgetting that belief. My question is, do Egyptians now a day’s still worship multiple gods, or has modern theory taught them otherwise....
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journal2 - making sure the day was fluid Egyptians...

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