that not all thoughts are pictures not heres my

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Unformatted text preview: What does that look like???? that Not all thoughts are pictures Not Here’s my thought: “Two chairs” OK, but one chair is to the left of the other… Uh oh, back on the left again. And what does the thought, “No chairs”, look like? Oops, in this picture there’s an an umbrella too… But now one chair is on top; my thought is just “two chairs” Language of thought theory Language Concepts are mental symbols in brain code Thoughts are built out of concepts the way Thoughts sentences are built out of words sentences Brain code is like language, only it’s silent and doesn’t have to be learned Learning a ‘language of talk’ (like English) is learning Learning how to translate it into the language of thought (that is, into brain code) (that J.A. Fodor How the brain thinks (by using a code) (by µῷ ᶚѨ@ €√∑ ∆∞£€→∆∑ µῷ ᶚѨ@ €√∑ Brain code represents things Brain and events in the world: and Objects, faces, collisions, Objects,...
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