Two views the general learning view child as little

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Unformatted text preview: e Yes, this is a ToM ability this is Theory of mind involves thinking about someone else’s perspective ‘theory of mind’: ‘intellectual’ ability? Two views: The general learning view child-as-little-scientist or ‘theory-theory’ vs intuitive and instinctual ability Innate ability view ‘Theory of Mind’ ability And the origins of abstract ideas Belief vs Electron Belief Early developing abstract ideas like the ideas in ideas ‘theory of mind’ have very different origins from different “schooled” ideas schooled” Overview Overview • Where does our ‘theory of mind’ ability Where come from? come • Understanding other points of view Understanding (pretend play) (pretend • Understanding other points of view (false Understanding belief) belief) • The ‘theory of mind’ brain mechanism • Autism • Autism results from a damaged theory of Autism mind mechanism in the brain mind...
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