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The how the brain how thinks about the mind thinks

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Unformatted text preview: what goes where, on top of, what behind, … Primary representation: Codes the way things in Codes the world really are. the How the brain How thinks about the mind thinks ‘theory of mind’ — theory means: means: Our commonsense ability to interpret and predict people’s behavior in terms of their mental states, like wanting, believing, pretending, … wanting believing pretending How the brain How thinks about the mind thinks ‘theory of mind’ is a major part of theory social cognition — how we think about the social world of people and their perspectives on world the world. the Man has belief about the dog’s belief about the squirrel Dog has belief about squirrel Why is the dog barking up the wrong tree? The Sally and Anne False Belief task The (Baron-Cohen, Leslie, & Frith, 1985) Theory of mind (ToM) ability: Theory To have a belief about a squirrel have No, NOT a ToM ability To have a belief about a belief hav...
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