Each observaon xi is then a random variable following

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Unformatted text preview: (all tax return forms of the U.S. in a year) •  –  Sample: a subset of a popula$on that is actually observed Variables / data –  Variables: measurable proper$es / aWributes associated with each unit (change in tax paid) •  –  Data: a collec$on of measured values of variables Parameter / sta$s$c –  Parameter: a numerical characteris$c of a popula$on for a specific variable (average change in tax paid per tax return form) –  Sta$s$c: a numerical func$on of the sample data, used to make inference about the unknown parameter Stat 431 7 A Random Sample Paradigm •  Connec$on to probability –  The values of variables in popula$on are usually modeled by some probability distribu$on F with some unknown parameter θ . –  Each observa$on Xi is then a random variable following distribu$on F . •  n A random sample of size refers to a set of RV’s...
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