What is stascs the art of making numerical conjectures

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Unformatted text preview: , 6 ­8 p.m., loca$on TBA –  Final: Wednesday, May 1, 6 ­8 p.m., loca$on TBA •  Grading policy –  Homework assignments: 20% (with the lowest score dropped) –  Midterm: 35% –  Final: 45% Stat 431 3 What Is This Course About? •  What is Sta$s$cs? –  “The art of making numerical conjectures about puzzling ques$ons.”  ­ ­ Freedman, Pasani, and Purves, Sta3s3cs, 3rd ed. –  “The science of collec$ng and analyzing data for the purpose of drawing conclusions and making decisions.”  ­ ­ Tamhane and Dunlop, Sta3s3cs and Data Analysis. •  The goal of this course –  To examine a collec$on of important sta$s$cal concepts and methods (Methodology) –  To understand when and how to apply these methods, and why (Theory) –  To apply them on real world data (Applica3on & compu3ng) Stat 431 4 What You Should Have Already Known •  Probability at the level of STAT 430 –  Random variables –  Probability distribu$ons, probability density / mass func$on –  Mean / variance / SD / quan$le of a distribu$on –  Jointly distributed random variables, condi$onal probability, independence –  Covariance, correl...
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