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Evan Battaglia Journal 3 A good human experience according to this particular journal is one that lives in a good way. A human being must not lie, cheat, or sin; they must live their entire life according to the lord. A good human experience is a person who rejects evil, and proclaims the good. A human being must rejoice in God, for he is the God of hosts. A human being must not be greedy, for his possessions mean nothing, in the gates of Heaven. A good human experience is one that asks for
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Unformatted text preview: Gods help, and embarrasses it. God asks for nothing, he will not accept anything you give towards him. A human being must only live accordingly to God. God believes justice will prevail, over evil, and that you will be welcome to the kingdom of God. A human being is one that must follow God, believe in him and live life in his way. My question, how do people expect to deal with sin knowing it will prevent them from heaven?...
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