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Slide 9 #3. 22.4 Lome Prieta earthquakes = 1 San Francisco earthquake 3,981.1 Lom Prieta earthquakes = 1 Sumatra earthquake 177.8 San Francisco earthquakes = 1 Sumatra earthquake #6. An earthquakes magnitude is not directly correlated to fatalities for many reasons. For example, although the Sumatra earthquake of 2004 had 9.3 magnitude, the reason fatalities was extremely high was because it produced a tsunami. Same with the earthquake in San Francisco 1906, it caused a fire that destroyed much of the city.
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Unformatted text preview: It also can depend on how many people are in the place at that time. For example, Alaska is not a highly populated place. Only 9 deaths were accounted for in Anchorage for the Alaskan 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. All other deaths were due to the effects of the earthquake ex. Tsunami; because Alaska is not that heavily populated, not as many people died as there could have been somewhere else....
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