Ch 10 practice problems - 2

Method 2 calculate es ef ls and lf for each activity

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Unformatted text preview: or each activity (please refer to above diagram). The slack time for each activity: A: 0-0=0, B: 7-3=4, C: 3-3=0, D: 3-3=0, E: 9-5=4, F: 7-7=0, G: 13-13=0, H: 12-7=5, I: 15-15=0. The activities having zero slack times are on the critical paths: A-C-F-G-I and A-DF -G -I. c. B is not on a critical path and has slack of 4; therefore, do not shorten as it will not change the project completion time. Shorten C, D, and G one week each. C and D are on parallel critical paths, reducing them will only reduce project completion time by 1 week. d. The new critical paths are still A-C-...
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