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Exam 1 study guide(1) (1) - MIS 301(Unique number 03940...

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1 MIS 301 (Unique number: 03940, 03945) Exam 1 Study Guide Theme 1: Overview on Strategy and Technology 1. What are Porter’s “five forces”? 2. What are switching costs? What are the sources of switching costs? 3. What are economies of scale? 4. What is viral marketing? How can companies leverage social media to implement viral marketing? 5. What are commodities? 6. What is resource-based view of competitive advantage? 7. How has the rise of IT and Internet impacted each of the five forces for music CD retailers? 8. Be able to list/identify examples on how IT increases customers’ switching costs. 9. Be able to apply the five forces framework to an industry, assessing the competitive landscape and the role of technology in influencing the relative power of buyers, suppliers, competitors and alternatives. Theme 2: Digital and Disruptive Innovation 1. What is “long tail effect”? How does Netflix benefit from the long tail effect? Why the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers can’t capture the long tail effect? 2. Why can Cinematch (Netflix’s recommendation systems) create competitive advantage for Netflix? How does the long tail effect interact with Cinematch? 3.
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Exam 1 study guide(1) (1) - MIS 301(Unique number 03940...

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