Chapter 1 - Psychology Book Notes Chapter 1 History William...

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Psychology Book Notes Chapter 1 History William James- psychology teacher and writer Mary Whiton Calkins- student of James, memory researcher and American Psychological Association President Margaret Floy Washburn- first woman to receive psychology Ph.D., animal behavior research Wundt- studied introspection- self exam of one's own emotional states and mental processes Until 1920- science of mental life 1920-1960- science of behavior John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner- defined psychology as the scientific study of observable behavior. (can't observe feelings or thoughts). Made studies on a baby- Little Albert B. F. Skinner- rejected introspection and studied how consequences shape behavior Cognitive Revolution- 1960s- how our mind processes and retains info Cognitive Neuroscience- study of brain activity underlying thought Psychology- scientific study of behavior and menatl processes Behaviorism- view that psychology should be an objective science that studies behavior w/o reference to mental processes. Humanistic Psychology- perspective that emphasized the growth potential of healthy people Issue Nature-vurture issue- controversy over the relative contributions of biology and experience Nature works on what nature endows= both, every psychological event is also a biological event (ex. depression is both a thought and brain disorder)
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Chapter 1 - Psychology Book Notes Chapter 1 History William...

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